We are specialists in the construction and installation of swimming pools

Specialist in construction and elaboration of swimming pools

Specialists in fiberglass pools

Our team is specialized in the installation of fiberglass pools. Counting with a great experience that few companies in the market can offer you.

Prompt and personalized attention

Our service team was born to give you the best advice and above all to accompany you during and after the installation of the pool.

We use the best materials on the market

In everything the quality is important for this reason we guarantee that the quality we use allows the optimal functioning of the pool.

Why a fiberglass swimming pool?

Fiberglass pools have greater durability than any other construction material, resist climatic factors and seismic movements with greater versatility, attributes that contribute to extend their useful life and have a low level of maintenance.

Swimming pools concrete useful life
Fiberglass swimming pools service life

When we decided to found a construction company in Florida, we wanted to differentiate ourselves by providing the confidence and security that has been lost over the years.

Victor Bandera -CEO FastBandCorp

Shorter installation time

Lower price compared with other materials

Lower maintenance costs

three advantages of fiberglass

These pools are strong and flexible. Fiberglass pools prevent algae growth better than other surfaces because they are less porous. This feature also facilitates the emptying process and the cleaning of the water.